Grouping Bulbs togther for IFTTT Toggle On/Off?

I have 2 Ikea Tradfri bulbs that are directly connected to the hub and I would like to be able to toggle them on/off with an IFTTT trigger. Right now it would appear that the only option is on or off.

How can I group them and then subsequently give IFTTT the ability to toggle them on/off with a single trigger?

Basically you have one light follow the other, or you have both follow a virtual device. You can set the “follow” rule using the official smart lighting feature.

See the how to article in the community – created wiki:

As far as having it be a toggle instead of an on/off, you can create a virtual device to be the master for the group which is itself a toggle. Or you can use webcore.

@MichaelS may already have code for creating a toggle, I’m not sure.


Not specifically…I had code that did a ‘follow’ process to sync one switch with another, but it was sunseted by SmartThings.

While it may be overkill, I know WebCoRE could perform this activity as well.


I use the “dim with me” smart app and it works very well for some lights I have in a ceiling fan. I set up one to follow the other and they both turn off when I turn the lead bulk off, or turn on when I turn the lead bulk on.

You can also check out Trend Setter

If I understand the first post correctly, the OP is looking for a single device option which will toggle on or off, such that if it is on it will turn off and if it is off it will turn on. That’s so they only have to use one IFTTT applet.

I’m sure webcore could do this with a virtual device, but the set up would be fairly complicated if you aren’t already using webcore.

But on their own, The smartapps that do grouping like dim and dimmer or trendsetter won’t give you the toggle feature.

Bumping this thread from the past. Are there any new updates on this? I have two groups one for my outside lights and one for my basement that are all lohas led smart bulbs on wifi. I got the virtual switch to work in smart things and i see all of my wifi devices but i do not see the groups. Is there a solution to this or do I have to make an individual switch for each bulb cringe I also have IFTTT setup and see the wifi devices but not the groups.