Group things?


I can’t find how to group things. My goal is to config a rule to turn on/off TV (harmony activity) and switch on/off a zwave relay, all controlled by Alexa or an ActionTile button (maybe a virtual thing?)

Actually I’ve been only able to make an alexa group with those 2 devices and it works pretty well, but as it is not in smartthings, there is no way to make an ActionTile.

I’ve been playing with routines, but they only seem to be one name only. I would like to name it (p.ex) “tv night”, and from alexa “turn on tv night” / “turn off tv night”, while in actiontile one unique switch “tv night”.


@ximenin Have a look at Virtual Switches
You could create a virtual switch to control various settings then use Alexa to turn on/off that switch
Would probably work in actiontiles too


Yup! … Just be sure the Virtual / Simulated Switch Device Type Handler has:
capability "Actuator"
capability "Sensor"
added to it.

There’s an app for that!

Well, after trying for a while… I had no luck.
That app @CamSoper just let me group same category things. But I need to group a relay switch (custom device handler) + light (hue)