Group Lighting Devices and Control Them as a Single Device?

I see there is a DTH that can control multiple shades and blinds as a single device, but I’m wondering if there is a similar device hander and/or app that does the same thing for bulbs and/or switches.

Here’s what I’m running into: I have two lamps on either end of a credenza. They both have Cree Connected bulbs and can be controlled individually.

I have them grouped in the Alexa app and can control them as one via voice. This includes setting the brightness with a single command.

I’m building out an ActionTiles interface and want one button for these lamps that the user can press to turn on/off, or tap the three dots to adjust the brightness.

Any thoughts? Am I missing something completely obvious?


Thanks @jkp! I actually used the Smart Lighting app to set up a master and slave switch.

I should have researched more before posting. Apologies.


I was going to suggest using the mirror function in smart lighting. Looks like you got it.