Group ge link bulbs

I put 3 ge link bulbs over my countertops and was wondering if they can be grouped to work as one in smartthings. With alexa I can group them together but would like them grouped together so in sharptools one widget turns all three on. Also in harmony I would like one button on remote to turn all three on or off at once. The harmony app groups all the lights together but didn’t see a way to group just the three I want.

Use the “big switch app”. It allows you to ties one light to turning on/off and dim the others. I have 3 separate GE’s in my kitchen using this and a motion sensor for automatic operation.

Hi @skipthings, for me I’ve opted for a zwave switch instead of bulbs in scenarios like yours for controlling groups of ceiling lights etc., as well as overall reliability when it comes to apps not working as expected. I know several others have done what you’re trying to do (search link below) with SmartApps and virtual devices.

Thanks, I actually had a evolve dimmer switch controlling them but like the ability to have only one bulb out of a three bulb fixture come on at night dim for daughter . Now just trying to figure out the hurdles of doing so. Alexa made it easier if I want to speak command but like ability in night to just hit a widget on phone to turn lights off or button on remote.

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You might want to take a look at

Just create a virtual switch and trigger all the light bulbs on using that switch

How do you create a virtual switch?

Check here:

Go to the ST ide under devices