Group dimmer that actually works with v2 hub?

Had I known upgrading to the new hub would take away big switch and a couple other smartapps, I might have been more hesitant.

I’ve tried dimwithme and virtual dimmer to control groups of lights in my living room and dining room with no luck. What else is out there?

Dimmers appear to have broken today, I’m not sure anything’s working with them right now.


You may want to wait till They get the poltergeists cleared out before testing too many new things.

Thanks for this thread, I just lit my V2 up with one of the very first goals of being to slave two dimmers via Smart Lights (I wanted to use Big Switch). They will work together as a 3 way, but the dimming seems borked.

My question is, has anyone seen Smart Lights actually do group dimming successfully before the poltergeist invaded?

I tried to use Smart Lights to match dimming for a week before the Tuesday “upgrade”. It never worked for me.

Not before,nor after the ghosts were set free, at least for GE and low priced Leviton dimmers. There were reports by some folks that some dimmers worked for them with Smart Lighting, but certainly none of mine.

I’ve got a pair of Leviton VIZA dimmers and they seem to /try/ to work, but since I set up the Smart Lights in two directions (front of of tied to back AND back tied to front) it seems to be arguing with itself. I’m disabling one of the Smart Lights instances and see how that works.

The three way on/off itself works great and the delay is about 0.5 --> 1.0s delay, which is acceptable for my use case.

Anyone find an app that works yet?

same here, this is unacceptable!

I’ve found two apps that do this. First is “Dim with Me”.

The second is “Trend Setter”.

I decided to try Trend Setter and it seems to be working well.


Agreed on Trendsetter. Thank you for posting it here.

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