Groovy SmartApp Shutdown


Then life is easy. Several community members have created edge drivers (which run on your hub), and create virtual devices of many different types. There are regular simple on/off switches, momentary switches, virtual sensors of all types, virtual thermostats, even some other specialty devices. And there are virtual switches combined with virtual sensors which can be used to trigger Alexa routines. So lots of choices. There’s even one that lets you combine two physical devices, typically a tilt sensor and a garage door relay, into one virtual device that will look like a garage door, functionality that we used to have to do with a smartapp.

Different drivers have different features so you may want to look at several before deciding which to use, or use different ones for different use cases, but there are many community members now using each of the ones on offer.

To find them, go to the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki, and look for the virtual devices list.


of course, the vast majority of smartthings users don’t have a hub, and this is where things get a little complicated. Many of them do still use virtual devices, particularly to trigger Alexa routines or to integrate with other third-party systems. We used to be able to create these just through the IDE whether we had a hub or not, but now that option is gone.

Officially, smartthings says they are still looking into possibilities for this, but there is no easy official feature at this time.

You can create a simple virtual on/off switch using the CLI which is a programmer’s tool for the new architecture, but that requires that you have a laptop, and are willing to get elbow deep into some code. And it won’t trigger Alexa Routines. :thinking:

Fortunately, a community member has created a webpage utility that, while more complex than using the IDE, is way simpler than using the CLI on its own and does not require that you have anything other than a mobile device. This option, called API plus, will let you create simple on/off virtual switches or a virtual lock. And the virtual lock can be used to trigger an Alexa routine.

(And if you hate having to make the lock unlock when you’re in fact trying to turn something on, you can use a virtual switch with a routine so that when the virtual switch comes on, the virtual lock locks, so that the lock command gets hidden from the humans. )

SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

So… There are some virtual device options for people who don’t have a hub, but there aren’t as many as there used to be in the old architecture, and they are more complicated to set up.

Hopefully, we will eventually get an official feature for creating virtual devices, which is easy to use and has more functionality. But we will just have to wait and see.


Assuming you have a hub it is easy to create Edge based Virtual Switches and other virtual devices. There are several community created ways to do this.


I also have a CT101 and used RBOYs smart app. To be fair mine was a few simple temperate changes. I was able to create routines based on time to duplicate what I had working with RBOYs program. I dont like the fact that I have to create multi routines, but it does work.


On this page, it was mentioned which SmartApps were going to be transitioned:

These are SmartLighting and Severe-Weather Alert.

How are the apps in the Labs section going to be treated @nayelyz ? Are they staying or going

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My webcore has stopped working. In the IDE, every || pause button greyed, and it’s not click-able. From my pistons, look like they stopped receiving events 2 days ago. I hadn’t changed anything. Webcore itself is able to create/edit pistons, and I can see them change in the IDE – just no real-time comms to the service.

Is “hobbling” SmartApps like webcore how we’re expecting this to all to start shutting down?

It’s been stated for over a year, and intensely for several months, that Webcore would stop working completely.

They’re not “hobbling” it. It’s being removed permanently. Along with every single custom SmartApp that’s ever existed. And that fact has been shouted far and wide. Via emails. Via forum posts. Via press releases. Via news articles. Via Reddit. On and on.

I’ll never understand why people don’t pay attention to things relating to their intricately set up/critical smart home systems…


Sorry, I don’t have information about that, I’ll let the team know that you’re interested in getting more details related to that section to see if they can share something.


Apparently not. So unhelpful. Just ready to pounce, looking for some n00b, eh?

I’m not a n00b, and of course I’ve been paying attention. I wasn’t shouting in surprise that my “intricately set up/critical smart home systems” have stopped working (I have been migrating everything, and remain with a few pistons on WC that just can’t be replicated in Routines, and as long as I can have them, I’d like to have them).

I’ll never understand why (some) people feel the need to post … and worse, Like, dumb a55 remarks like this.

I was just letting everyone know that the shutdown hit my WC, and it seems like it’s still “running” but yet not running at the same time – which, to me, is “hobbled.” and not an “elegant” way to start deprecating SmartApps, or a way to let the people who use the App but don’t participate in the community understand what is going on

IMO – in case others have another genius remark to contribute.

The hosting service in the SmartThings cloud has now been shut down for almost all groovy smartapps, including Webcore. So depending on how the UI was designed you might be able to get a few steps in, but it won’t run to completion. :disappointed_relieved:

I personally think it’s more confusing to people that they left the toggle switch there, but that’s how they did it.

You may have already seen the following thread, but this is a discussion of what people are using as replacements:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

They allow the SmartApp entries to still exist so that you can get any parameters or settings out of them, rather than just out and out deleting them from your account. The grey’ed out / won’t start sorta indicates that they are no longer functioning, although I agree that could be more obvious if you didn’t already know Groovy was due to be shut down. OTOH how much time do you spend on an app UI change when its for a transitional state that doesn’t affect all that many of your SmartThings app users (99% of who have no hub, no groovy and no custom apps).

As for letting people know, they did send out email notifications. I know not every one reads email, but I’m not sure how else to notify. If they added something to the app itself, people would say, “I never use the app - I always use Alexa”. So its catch-22 on how you’re supposed to notify everyone of everything that is important.

Amazon recently shutdown the Cloud Cam devices. They send out an email several months in advance, then a reminder email a few weeks before. Nothing in the app, nothing on the support page or FAQ for the devices on I’m not sure how companies reach everyone above the internet noise of daily life.

Let us know if we can assist with your migration. Some people have moved their WebCoRE logic into routines or Smart lighting. Others with large WebCoRE debt bought into Hubitat to use it natively there (export piston from ST, import into HE).

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I think there was a significant difference in that the email that Amazon sent to customers detailed each individual device for them to tell them what was being shut down and also gave them instructions for how to get a free replacement that would work.

The email thanks customers for their support and informs them that, for every active Cloud Cam device they own, Amazon will offer users a complimentary Blink Mini and a one-year Blink Subscription Plus Plan, which covers all the devices under a Blink account.
The email then details which Cloud Cam products Amazon identified as active on the user’s account and explains how to make the purchase using a promo code. The company says customers have until January 26, 2023, to redeem their code. Each order only allows for one promo code, so customers with larger Cloud Cam setups will have to check out separately for each device they intend to replace.

emphasis added

A lot of the questions we’ve seen in the forum, even from very experienced users, have been “how do I know if I am affected by these changes?” And Samsung has not really been helpful there.

I’ve talked with a number of people who have no idea whether they have Groovy custom code or not. When they bought a new device or signed up for a new integration, three or four years ago, they were given instructions for how to make that work. But many of them just assumed that was part of the official SmartThings platform. So although they got the emails, they didn’t know it applied to them, they thought it was just for people who wrote code. :thinking:

Yeah I follow, but at the same time Samsung didn’t want to take responsibility for third party stuff (I wouldn’t either if I was them). So even mentioning “If you are using WebCoRE, this means you” acknowledges they are semi responsible for at least helping people transition off it to something else.

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Understood, but it does seem like the email could include a list of the custom code The person has on their account. And a note to contact the author to see if a version will be available that works with the new architecture. I don’t think that’s the same as taking responsibility for the code. :man_shrugging:t2:

That would have been nice, but do you spend clock cycles writing something to generate those emails for the small percentage of people that have custom groovy apps? I dunno.

The Amazon Cloud Cam case is interesting too. My wife has her own Amazon account with several of our cloud cams attached to it. She got the emails, uses the cloud cam app often (but not after the shutdown), etc. Had no idea the shutdown happened until I mentioned it a few weeks ago that we can decide on getting Blink replacements or go with a different product. And she’s fairly smart home saavy. As you said, :person_shrugging:


It seems to me Samsung did a piss-poor job of communicating specifics. I believe I read every email they sent me, and nowhere in any of them was a list of what devices and/or smartapps I am using with an indicator that they were going to stop working.

I’ve stumbled through the loss of:

  • Life360 (replaced with SmartThings’ own presence sensor, which used to be wildly unreliable)
  • ActionTiles (I’m not subscribed to anything in their Wiki, but when I searched I found they are on top of this, and got myself converted quickly)
  • Custom Notifications - c’mon Samsung, this is your own damn smartapp, why didn’t you tell me you were going to deprecate it so I could find a replacement ahead of the shutdown?

All this while I was hundreds of miles away from home, on vacation. Sigh.


Blame the victim? I’ll never understand why it’s acceptable for a company to treat a swath of its consumers as if they are employees who are getting paid to deal with an enterprise software migration.

^THIS^ is another reason I moved my critical smart home system to a platform that will continue to work exactly as I set it up… until I change it. If I stop paying attention, then it will continue to work as-is.


Telling us how? I haven’t gotten 1 email stating any changes were coming! I wondered why my Life360 integration wasn’t working. The presence sensor for SmartThings stinks which is why I moved to using 360. This news and integration shutdown makes me so glad that I’m leaving the ST ecosystem within the next 6 months for Control 4.

@glenmm might also a good alternative for you. Lots of WebCoRE users have been making the transition to SharpTools and I’ve been really pleased with how helpful the community has been in helping people with their individual transitions!

100% agree with the challenge here. From the SharpTools side of things, we started sending out emails back in August and included a banner at the top of all our newsletters through December. We also have a big red banner on the main user page of SharpTools, but I’m still seeing people who are caught off guard by the Groovy shutdown. And as you noted, I’m not surprised - there’s a lot of noise in our day-to-day lives.