Groovy IDE Login Always Says Invalid

Whenever I login to the Groovy IDE I get sent to a page saying my login or password is invalid. So I have to login again on that page using the same login and password but with a capcha and then it logs me in. Any idea why this happens or how to get the first login to work?


Are you entering the correct password? Obviously it doesn’t think you are, or it would log you in. Do you have auto-fill on? What browser are you using?

Thanks for the reply. I am using the exact same login and password on both the initial login page and the one that says invalid. I am using Chrome without autofill. I tried deleting all cookies but that did not make a difference.

I get the same thing.
Hit the back button and then sign in and it logs me in.
I’ve seen other people complain of this but there has never been an answer that I have seen.

I always have to use an incognito window with Chrome to get the IDE to work.

I have the same problem. But If I hit the back button then login again it works. Bypass’s the Captcha.

I found out that Edge works without that issue. So I’m assuming it might be a cookie or something with Chrome that isn’t quite right.

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It happens sometimes, noticed that when the ST authentication server takes too long to respond it give an invalid login and needs to start over and then it works fine. Suspect it could be load related issue.

This exact same thing happens to me with the bank login.

I get the same exact thing described by the op.

Yes, that works. Hit the back button and log in again.

This problem still exists. Always have to login twice. Wish they would get it fixed.

I’m having the same issue with the Captcha when trying to log into the IDE of SmartThings (Chrome/Firefox). SmartThings Support however relinquished any responsibility, quote…

“Unfortunately, the “Captcha” is a part of the Samsung Account login and as such, we here at SmartThings have no control over this.”.

When they changed the logon screen a few days ago I no longer have any problems. It logs in the first time.