Griddy Wholesale Energy Price

Has anyone figured out a good/simple way to add current Griddy pricing to an ActionTiles panel? The energy meter device with the Griddy Manager app doesn’t show up as a device that permission for ActionTiles can be enabled.

Can you share your webcore or the retrival code for it?

Interested in ideas on how you did it instead of starting from scratch.

You ever get it “griddy” working with ActionTiles?

No I haven’t but admittedly I haven’t revisited the idea as of late. If you get this figured out please report back and share.

To add Griddy in Actiontiles, just modify the device handler code and add :

capability “Sensor”

The above will make it available in Actiontiles.

On another note and in case this helps the Griddy community, I experienced issues with IFTTT + Griddy to manage the thermostats. I had delays of up to 30 minutes. I don’t know the root cause but the delays disappeared when I switched to WebCoRE.


August 2020 update:

No need to modify the device type handler in order to add the Griddy device to ActionTiles. The device should appear in the last authorization list. Add a tile for this device, then open Tile Settings and chose to hide units. This will give you a tile that display the price value.

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