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Griddy Wholesale Energy Price

(Trent Foley) #1

For anyone using Griddy as their electricity provider, I’ve put together a basic SmartApp / Device Handler to display the current wholesale electricity price. The device handler is implemented as an Energy Meter since there are no other capabilities for representing something that is monitoring a price. The idea is to be able to write routines / rules / CoRE pistons than can control your smart devices in reaction to the current electricity price.

The source code is located here:
Device Handler




Very cool. :sunglasses:


(Kitsune) #3

Thanks for sharing, your code could be helpful to others who want to know how to make a tile with data from the web.

2.1ct per KW/h? That is insanely cheap (hello from Hawaii :<)
edit here it’s 28ct before fees etc…

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(Trent Foley) #4

Hello from Texas where energy is cheap. 2.1ct is just the energy cost. There is still delivery, taxes and fees that make it more like 5ct / kWh.

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(Eric) #5

2.1 base that is NUTS . this is Texas?

great concept - enabling peak shaving at the residential level. Like changing the setpoint based on price - you could produce a fuzzy-logic score set by price history and comfort.

Low wife acceptance factor


(mark pickell) #6

Came across this after trying the new Griddy IFTTT integration which doesn’t seem to be stable (honestly nothing I do in IFTTT seems to work as I want). I’ve been able to pull the price into my app but don’t see anyway to use the price as a trigger to turn on/off lights, AC or pool pump. As I’m just getting into this there may be an easy reason why I haven’t figured this out but just asking if this has been taken to the next step to be used to control?

p.s. Love using Griddy and keeping my all-in-price below 8cents. Working now to bring it lower by turning off High power items during the power spikes.


(Eric) #7

neato. You are one of the few. What is your utility service area?

Good job thinking about peak shaving.


(mark pickell) #8

I’m in Houston and an early adopter of Griddy. I’ve been after Griddy for IFTTT applet feature and I currently have support ticket in with them as i can’t get IFTTT to trigger on price. My plan is to have IFTTT trigger when cost per KWH goes over 0.10$. A ewelink sonoff device to on/off my pool pump and a couple of Zooz Zen switches attached to my AC units. The power spikes I normally see last no longer than 30 minutes so shutting down my high power items should keep my costs low without impacting the family. When cost per KWH falls below 0.10$ then turn everything back on. As IFTTT wasn’t working properly I found this excellent code to pull Griddy into Smartthings with the hope i could trigger off of the energy meter. At this point it doesn’t work that way. (at least not yet)

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(mark pickell) #9

Experimenting with Trent’s code. Changed in DeviceHandler the type to be power from energy. Everywhere in the code where it said energy I changed to power and the units to w from c. It reads the cost from Griddy as watts instead of cents now. Ie. Current price is 1.818W (s/b cents). Now using the energy monitor smartrules I can say when the Watt usage is above 10W (10c) then turn off…

Experimenting but working so far.

To be clear – the hard work was by Trent. Thanks Man for the foundation.


(Ryan Worrell) #10

Interesting tweak! I am also considering switching to WebCore for my rules instead of IFTTT. I also wouldn’t mind tweaking this to show actual price versus just the wholesale price per kWh.