Greyed out Wi-fi in SmartThings app

I’m not using a hub just the SmartThings app to connect to a Wi-Fi enabled sound bar (Samsung Q90R) As part of the sound bar set up in SmartThings app the Wi-Fi network is requested, but it is now impossible to change it as it is greyed out in the settings. All other threads on this topic relate to having a hub, what happens if you don’t have a hub and are accessing your connected devices uniquely through the SmartThings app? How can I change the Wi-Fi that my device is connected to when it is greyed out?

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is this a v2 hub?

He said he wasn’t even using a hub, so he may be SOL like I was with the SmartThings Cam(s). There’s no way to change the SSID.

There’s also no way to know the IP/MAC of the camera after installation and being mounted unless you want to take it down and re-align everything. Lesson learned - document the MAC somewhere before mounting it.

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For me disabling 5Ghz on my router worked. Then I could readd the devices and afterwards enabled 5Ghz on the router…

I have the same problem. Option to change network or network password is grayed out. Any other advice? Thanks.

What another lost password