Greenwave power node code help needed

Hi Guys, just recieved some greenwave powernodes, first plug inserted into wall with dial set to BLUE ( no idea what the numbers colours mean ) selected a Z wave switch and it worked fine, tried adding more powernodes in different places and they just wont work properly ??

so a read around says i can create a Greenwave powernode device handler which i have been trying but as i am in NO way a coder i am failing,

I am at the point of copying the Greennode code into the ( From Code ) box but i get an error message when i hit create

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script15054792284692055171376.groovy: 1612: expecting ‘]’, found ‘’ @ line 1612, column 15. 0x89 : “white” ^ 1 error

I have tried to copy all text from the very top line

and from copying the text from the
metadata {
downwards but each time i get error messages ?? what am i doing wrong

using a Pc

So i started again on creating a device handler and after re copying the code and re pasting i seem to have moved onto Created Smartdevice… i am a geek but an end user geek, not a fan of any code geek

oh well wish me luck with continuing

well i managed to create the DH for the greenwave node, added it to devices found it on my phone and tried to connect to a plug… no joy they simply refuse to talk, Z-Wave relay so far is the only thing that seems to connect and work reliably, would like to use the Greenwave Device handler as it has some nice options but for now i guess i am stuck with on off