Great new Xiaomi Aqara Sensor with illuminance detection

Found it. :grin:
In case anyone else is looking, here it is. I hope!!!


Good sleuthing! :male_detective:
I’ve pasted that over my old code, and also taken the opportunity to remove the line about the minimum 60 second updates, since that’s clearly not true for this device.

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So the lux only updates when motion is detected? There is no way to refresh it manually?

It only works if motion is detected.

i just setup a couple of this. it worked for a while then here is what i see in the logs for all of them:

  1. ST pings the device
  2. presumably there is no response and the device is marked as offline
  3. push the button a couple of times and device comes online and works again

anybody know a way to resolve this?


edit: device health on my phone is off. however in one of the recent updates ST had set device health to on automatically. i have set it back to off for all of mine and wifes devices but havent checked if one of the kids phones may now have it set to on.

but i am trying to see if we can get a better solution than turn off device health. i am sure ST is again going to default device health to on in one of their next updates and when they do trying to see if we get this to not break again … if that is the root cause here.

When pairing it leave it next to hub for a number of hours…see if it works…

thanks. happy to give it another try… but one of these is like 3 feet from the hub and thats also gone offline.

are you guys finding these to be stable now? or are they still dropping offline?

do you know if they are battery powered only? or can be via usb?

Interested as well as I want to be able to motion triggered my light only when it is dark or so

Yes its pretty stable. I have two with Lux and 5 regular they all been working great. I only had theses ones with Lux for 3 months now and they never dropped offiline. They are battery powered only

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Keep in mind the light reading only happens when motion is detected unlike other motion sensor that can read motion and lux independently of each other

Yes I am aware of it I guess it should be good enough my use case I only want the light to be on when it is night time or dark

awesome. just ordered some!

The only issue I have is if for some reason you move them around and need to heal your network it’s a pain to get them back on. I’ve got a couple which just refused to come back without a hard reset and rediscover (hard reset appears to change the zigbee ID for me).

I’ve also had one case of this happening where the battery ran flat and I didn’t notice - basically if it’s lost its connection for long enough, it doesn’t seem to ever wake up again, even after taking the batteries out.

I’d still recommend them for non-critical stuff - they’re small, cheap and simple - but I’m probably going to replace a couple with official SmartThings motion sensors while they’re on offer.

Of course, if anyone has any pointers on how to get them back online without a hard reset, I’m all ears :wink:

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that issue might be resolved in next beta update as there is a bug in ST where when a zigbee device gets a new ID st is not picking it up.

The other issue im’ having with these is i’m getting 0% or no battery on this device type:

EDIT: Seems to have come good…

anyway these devices are amazing. so small and functional really please with them. hopefully the new st firmware stops them from dropping off as others have described here.

battery reporting is still – for me sensors. Has anybody found a fix for this?

So if you want to use these to trigger he lights to go on when the lux gets below a certain amount, i this possible if it only updates when there is motion detected?
Maybe you could have a timed event that triggers the motion detection “switch” or resets the detection. Not sure if that is possible though?

Unfortunately, no, not possible. Aqara will be releasing a dedicated light (lux) sensor soon, however.

Hi sergio
Can you please advise how to use the motion sensor detection on smartthings to trigger lights control i cant add it to any scene or routin because its not visble there.
I have pair it succefuly and add the DH.

I am using it with webcore.
Only when motion triggers you can read the lux.