Graph when the furnace is on

(Dave) #1

I’ve got thingspeak and ST Set up to graph temps from my thermostat, but I’d like to use thingspeak to graph when the furnace or AC is on and off over time. Anyone know how to do that, and willing to walk me through it?

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(Col Hack) #3

Have you looked at ? I use it to plot temperature data from my 3M-50 WiFi thermostat (

(Todd Wackford) #4

How are you doing the temp now?

(Jeff DeWolfe) #5

How did you use xively to graph this? I would like to set this up to graph mine. Thanks!

(SStozki) #6

@col Hack - Are you able to share you code on how you set up the xively ?

(Col Hack) #7

Please see my “Xively Integration” project:

This app will write temperature data from selected temperature sensor to Xively data stream. You could further extend it for example by creating a virtual temperature sensor and pushing your (non-ST) thermostat temperature data using custom REST endpoint. You can also add other data streams, e.g. heater on/of status, etc.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #8

Wow, that’s pretty darn cool Col. Hack. Any suggestions on what I would need to change to be able to graph the heater on/off status as well? I have the temp graphing now. Thanks!

(Col Hack) #9

See new thread here: