Graph down/mobile app crashing?

(Michael Hess) #1

Been a while since I’ve setup a tomcat server, but pretty sure this is not what we should be seeing :wink:

Anyone else?


not sure about that link but my smart tiles dashboard is showing an “something unexpected happened” error

(Matt) #3

App wont let me log it. Setoff my damn alarm again…


(Don) #4

Yeah, I was in the middle of creating smart lighting action. Then it gave the “Something Unexpected Happened”. Now I can’t do anything on the mobile app. Everything is saying that.

(Matt) #5

anyway to change mode or disable the alarm without the app?

(Tim Slagle) #6

We’re on it.

(Michael Hess) #7

My SmartTiles dashboard is what alerted me at first as well, login prompt about an hour after I last did, wtf?

Quickest status update I’ve ever seen though, so YEAH!

(Michael Hess) #8

Reboot your house…

(Geko) #9

Same here. Somebody tripped over the ethernet cable, I suppose.

(Michael Hess) #10

Or tried to stretch that fiber jumper an extra millimeter…

(Tim Slagle) #11

And we’re back!

( I hate Mondays) #12

I was/am not affected, but am complaining either way :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Matt) #13

I am wondering if it is AWS Blink is doing the same thing right now. I cant log into their mobile app

( I hate Mondays) #14

Nah, just ran

mv ~ /dev/null

as root…


rm -rf /

Or bought a dog and the dog chased the tomcat away…

(Michael Hess) #15

Fdisk, format, re-install, do da, do daaaaaaa

( I hate Mondays) #16

Someone stole ST’s

( I hate Mondays) #17


My presence sensor got stuck, grrr.


@slagle app errors seem to be back again

edit: and fixed again…strange

edit2: seems like a rollercoaster keeps going up and down for me with errors

(Mark Whipp) #20

Still a little flaky, having to go into SmartApps several times to get in.