Gradually turn off and on GE dimmers?

I have some zwave GE wall dimmers and when I use the actual switch the light gradually turn on and off. However. When I turn them on/off using the hub, they go right to point. Anyway to make them behave like the actual switch?
I found an app called gentle wake up but it’s for turning the lights over a long period of time (and it doesn’t offer an option to turn them off gradually).

Thanks, I’m a total newbie

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GE dimmers Use different “ramp rate” parameters for network commands and manual commands. It sounds like you may have yours set to different values.

I’m not feeling well today, so I’m going to let other people continue the conversation. But I’ll just put this link here for those who want to see the parameter options:

Also, since those are officially supported devices, support should be able to help you:

Try this handler to access the parameters JD mentioned. I usually change the device to use this, change the settings, then change it back to the default device handler so it still runs local.


Thanks a lot!
Now I have to figure out what is a handler and how to implement it.

Right! LMAO!

“They” make it seem so simple and wait until you actually get the “Device Type Handler” (DTH) installed and loaded in the “IDE”…<-----More nerd talk…and see the parameters that are unlocked…Even more confusion!

Try this to get you started:

Here is the link to the IDE:


haha, sorry! never know what level of experience people have.

Thanks a lot for all the help!. I was able to install the device handler and it shows as “nuttytree : GE Dimmer Switch”. But I can’t figure out how to assign it to my dimmer switch.

Goto the “My Devices” Tab and then click on the Device (GE Dimmer) then select Edit then Change the Device Type under “Type”. Custom DTHs are typically all the way at the bottom.

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That was it! I was looking for a Nuttytree Dimmer and didn’t check all the way to the bottom (also I was not sure if I was in the correct spot)

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I have installed DTH and able to change the type. Now, i am kind of confused for which parameter to change to turn the bulb instantaneously. Thank you in advance for the help.

Did you ever figure this out? I am trying to do this and got to the same place as you and now Im lost. Thanks!

The instructions that they gave me above, work.

Well kind of… It works when turning on or off the light, but if you request the dimmer to a specific percentage it goes straight to it