Google Nest Device Access Console now available (September 2020)

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Interesting that they’re allowing access to camera live streams and pictures, but not Nest Protects.

I cannot disagree with that, but it is really pity from Google, especially that the devices are expensive, and have no other way to access them, but through Google’s services.

There was previously a mention of them working on including the Nest Protects, but that it would come at a later date. I cannot however find any mention of this now.

No thanks! I have several Google Homes around the house, along with Android Phones and that’s enough.

Why is it not mentioned in the blog post or the email what they have sent out?

Make sure that you have your credit card handy to pay the one-off non-refundable $5 registration fee in the next step.

On the next page:

Device Access Console

Developer Registration Fee

USD 5.00

To be honest, as they accept only Credit card, it is more like an entity identification through a card, and assigning an address to your account.

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The $5 fee is fair, but totally random. If it was recurring I would say its to cover cloud costs of the API, but single time is just weird.

It would be fair if they would have not killed before the Works With NEST program… It is just awkward now. Like they are not earning enough from sales of the devices and from the Nest Aware services. But see my comment above, that is more likely the situation.
I am looking forward to pay the 5 USD, but need to see first how I can integrate a Hello Doorbell to SmartThings. What might going to be an issue…


So are we gonna see some integrations now? XD
Pretty exciting.

I only have the nest hello and hub max from that list

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The acronym is literally “NDA” - can we talk about this? :wink:

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So, is this going anywhere? :smile:

I do hope so! I’m currently using next manager but it can’t do cameras and doorbell which the official Nest API offers.

I’m fine with paying the $5 fee

Someone has got an integration working with the new APIs on the hubitat hub.

I’m not a developer, but I wonder how easy it would be for someone to copy the code and port it over to ST? Can’t be that much different? Or am I being Naive?

Is this it? Finally?!

I dont think we know what the official integration will expose as of now

Yes, we can as it’s based on the “official” Google APIs which dont expose the Nest Protects and very little attributes from the Nest Tstat and cameras…

Why do keep putting official in quotes? Are you claiming this integration is not official?

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which means the APIs you use in your unofficial (and paid and possibly ToS violating) integration could possibly break any day now/


The Nest Web APIs have been around for more than 3 years now… I’m not the only one who use them BTW.

Are any of you using the Smart Device Management API? I’ve been looking for a way to log the temperature/humidity through Nest devices, and signed up for this with the intent of logging through a Google script. I ran into a problem, though, in that the Temperature trait reported by a Thermostat reports whatever temperature sensor is active, not the temperature at the thermostat. So, since my thermostat schedule switches between sensors in different rooms, I can’t get a stable temperature reading this way.

And the API doesn’t seem to work with the battery-operated Nest temperature sensors.