Google Home with 2 Smartthings Hubs?

I have a Smartthings hub downstairs with four devices (Sengled lamps) currently connected, then a second hub upstairs with two devices (Sengled lamps) connected.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, both areas are linked to Google.

However, within Google Home, only one area at a time seems to be accessible. At the moment, I have the downstairs area activated.

How can I get Google Home to utilise both areas of Smartthings and therefore allow all devices to be available?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


At this point I don’t think you can.

So the obvious question, why two hubs? It’s usually much better to have a single hub and expand the mesh with ZWave and Zigbee repeaters… (until last year you couldn’t have more than one hub in a single location and it’s an assumption most developers make… )

The second hub is a satellite, whereas the first one is plugged into my router.
Came as pair to be used like that, basically the upstairs one is a repeater/expander. House is very concrete, so need an extra one up there.

Doesn’t seem right that you can only have one room available in Home, especially when you can see that they are shared in the Smartthings app.