Google Home, must on-off-on again

I have noticed that sometimes (not always) when I ask google home to ‘Turn on Kitchen Main’ the assistant responds that it has turned on the light, and the blue light on the switch turns off (indicating the switch is on), but the LED kitchen lights do not come on. I can repeatedly ask the assistant to turn the lights on, she responds that she is turning them on, but they don’t. If I ask google to ‘Turn off Kitchen Main’ google responds and the blue light turns on again, then I ask google to ‘Turn on Kitchen Main’ and now it works as expected.
Has anyone seen this behavior? Do you have a fix?

Some details of my mildly unique setup:

I have a Jasco/GE z wave dimmer connected to an LED ceiling light in my kitchen.
The LED light is using a commercial driver, that requires (semi)-special equipment to perform dimming functions and does not handle being connected to a mains dimmer well (makes a bunch of noise and doesn’t dim smoothly).
I have worked around this problem by using the advanced configuration of the switch to force it to go all 99 steps in 10 msec. I’ve set all three (manual, automated, and all-on) pairs in the advanced configuration options for this.
Because the dimmer switches don’t really perform a dimming function I have them setup as ‘Z-Wave Switch Generic’ which makes them show up in the interface as just on/off.

Any help would be appreciated. This is the only switch I’ve noticed the issue with (I have a few) but it’s also the one I perform this action with the most.

sounds like a low-load issue. Test by putting in something 60 watts or more, preferably a nice dumb incandescent.

What would be the fix if it does turn out ot be a “low load issue”?
Hopefully not add unnecessary load :wink:

change switch/dimmer device or add load

It’s not going to work. Use a regular switch, whether smart or not or regular LED bulb or remove your commercial driver. Your commercial driver requires full voltage that only a contact can give you that. A wall dimmer has no contact but a triac inside and varies current through the load.