Google Home Missing from "Connected Services" (June 2019)

After the app update Google Home disappeared from the “Connected Services” section. This is a problem as I have what Google can see filtered so that I don’t end up with duplicate devices in Google Home.

As a side note, I am assuming it was the app update. It could also be that I have two hubs, one ADT and my regular hub. I haven’t had time to move everything to the ADT hub yet. Could this cause the problem?

Nothing else has changed beyond adding a few Lutron switches and Smartthings motion sensors.

Just a question as to setup as well… I have Smartthings, Philips Hue, Lutron, and Google Home/Assistant. I have them setup like this:

Philips Hue--------->Smartthings (for advanced automation and usage analytics)

Philips Hue---------Google Home (For voice control)
Lutron------------------^ ^
Smartthings-------------------^ (Was filtered to only send Smartthings devices)

Until this update I filtered what Smartthings sent to Google Home. I am now considering this would be better:

Philips Hue -------------> Smartthings --------------> Google Home
Lutron ---------------------------^

How does everyone else set up the device flow?


You can find it in Automations from the three bars in the upper left of the screen.


That was it. Thank you!!!

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