Google Home Local API

Interesting for people working on Google Home integration smartapps/device handlers:

The Google Home works with a massive number of smart home products, but developers looking to tinker with it are usually out of luck. It doesn’t have any kind of public API, so custom functionality can really only be added through IFTTT (or by writing your own Assistant app). Now there is a way to obtain some data from a Google Home, as one developer has discovered an undocumented API that the Google Home uses.

The developer, who goes by rithvikvibhu on Reddit, created a list of API calls by intercepting network requests from the Google Home app. The commands use simple GET/POST methods, and return data in JSON format. In other words, they are incredibly easy to use, as long as you know the IP address of the Google Home on your network (which can be found at the bottom of the ‘Device settings’ page on the Google Home app).