Google Home is faster than ST

Have been testing the Google Home app on iphone to control Smartthings. What i have found, to my surprise, is it is faster to control your ST hub than the ST app.

Some points:

  1. GH does not loose the connection to the hub like ST APP

  2. It shows status of things immediatly, while the ST app does not. ST loads, hesitates and then says downloading before giving you control.

  3. If you turn off a light in GH the light turns off instantly. ST takes a fraction of second longer.

  4. GH gives you control over dimming and color temperature on IKEA bulbs on the same window. ST does not. You dont actually have do anything for GH to offer dimming as they group all lights in each room - convenient.

GH is not without flaws, but as a tool for regular family members to control a house it is far better.


Home Remote is almost instantaneous when opening, displaying and controlling devices, it has limitations as it ties in through groovy but for fast useable control that you want to use it is a go too app for ST control, like Google Home you feel happy to use the app due to speed of loading

The ST app, since V1 of this new look has been … insufficient (many other words are also available)

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@fido you referring to

That is it yes , the GUI designer is a paid for version but the basic app that is installed from both android and ios is pretty good, basic but effective and loads devices very quickly, I actually have all my various indoor outdoor temp sensors on the landing page of the app, in milliseconds I can see all my temps quickly and easily… unlike … you get my drift

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