Google home confirmation before executing a command?

(Pier-Luc Boucher) #1


This is my story :

Bought a smart switch for my bathroom fan
Also have in the house some alarm (arlo and aeontec)

I went to take a shower and ask to my google home : Turn on the fan
Google home understand : Turn on the alarm

Both alarms went ON a 2 a.m. (bad experience)

Since, I change the naming of my fan to avoid those problem

Is there a way for google home to confirm a command before executing it

Example : Turn on the alarm? Google answer : Are you sure you want to start the Alarm
If yes : Start the alarm
If no : Don’t do anything
If not answed : Don’t do anything

Please help me :smiley:

(MarkTr) #2

You could make a two step process, probably involving virtual switches. I.e. Turn on Alarm 1 (virtual switch). Turn on Alarm 2 (virtual switch). Disable GH direct access to the alarm. Routine or piston activates alarm only if Alarm 1 and Alarm 2 are both on. Name them in a way that limits potential confusion.

(Pier-Luc Boucher) #3

Humm, not that kind of thing i’m looking for, but thanks!

(Kanishk Singh) #4

Do you mean google home triggered the sirens? If yes why do you share sirens with google home?

(Pier-Luc Boucher) #5


I set the google home apps in ST to share all devices, Just change it and remove the siren from it

I think it will be fine with it

thanks a lot for that hint!