Google home confirmation before executing a command?


This is my story :

Bought a smart switch for my bathroom fan
Also have in the house some alarm (arlo and aeontec)

I went to take a shower and ask to my google home : Turn on the fan
Google home understand : Turn on the alarm

Both alarms went ON a 2 a.m. (bad experience)

Since, I change the naming of my fan to avoid those problem

Is there a way for google home to confirm a command before executing it

Example : Turn on the alarm? Google answer : Are you sure you want to start the Alarm
If yes : Start the alarm
If no : Don’t do anything
If not answed : Don’t do anything

Please help me :smiley:

You could make a two step process, probably involving virtual switches. I.e. Turn on Alarm 1 (virtual switch). Turn on Alarm 2 (virtual switch). Disable GH direct access to the alarm. Routine or piston activates alarm only if Alarm 1 and Alarm 2 are both on. Name them in a way that limits potential confusion.


Humm, not that kind of thing i’m looking for, but thanks!

Do you mean google home triggered the sirens? If yes why do you share sirens with google home?

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I set the google home apps in ST to share all devices, Just change it and remove the siren from it

I think it will be fine with it

thanks a lot for that hint!

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