Google Home Behaviour Changes (Fibaro)

Has anyone noticed a change in Google Home behaviour in recent weeks? More specifically with the Fibaro Dimmer 2. I used to be able to say “Hey Google set the bedroom light to X%” but now she just says “It doesn’t look like those lights are set up yet”. However, if I say “dim the bedroom light” she obliges, I just can’t set percentages anymore.

FYI I have just resolved this. Annoyingly all that had to be done was link and unlink the relink the smartthings account within the Google Home App. I hate it when this kind of thing is the solution.

Might just give it a bit more time to clear up sometimes. We were having the issue not being able to say ok google. turn off/on the master bedroom lights. Google would just respond with im sorry I am unable to do that at this time, even though commands for all other lights worked. About 7 days later it started working again.