Google Home/Audio with v2 Hub

I would like to automate a prerecorded response to a door being opened or water detection, motion detection etc… And have a recording that plays corresponding to the event that has triggered play over my google audio as well as my google home assistant speakers. I have them set up various ways that would put all the speaker enabled devices into a group already, so I just need a way for a program to push this notification to the speaker group corresponding on the relative trigger…

Example, Motion detection. Prerecorded message plays on my outside speakers that says “Alert you have been detected by the security system and have 30 seconds to leave the premises or else the police department will be notified.” Something along those lines let your imagination run…

Or another Example: There is a water leak detected near the washer and dryer and have it loop until you reset it.

Example 3: Intruder Alert, the back door has been breached intruder alert at the back door… and have it loop until reset.

Id like to have these played by my google home assistants as well as my google audio, that is hooked to an amplifier to my outdoor speakers already.

Any Ideas?

This is the only way i’ve seen to send audio to a Google Home, and it requires a somewhat complex setup

Another vote for the Google Assistant Relay. I am a total newb and got it running. It is a process though but TOTALLY worth it. :smiley:

Can also use Cast-Web, which is a little simpler.