Google Home Assistance - problems with ST - KNOWN issue to Google

Suddenly late yesterday my Google Home stopped working with the ST. After going through all the trouble shooting steps - I contacted google and re-worked all the trouble shooting
Repo’d problem (around 1AM MST), long and short there was an upgrade and a few things are not working, The ST integration being one of them, on the back end.
(as well as if you are an Arizona resident- and you ask for the “time” - you will get eastern time zone)

This issue is elevated and they are “working on it”.


They have had issues with HA stuff (ST, Nest, etc) from day one. My Echos rarely have issues; GH though seems to have an issue every other week. I’m really tired of hearing the “Sorry” message from my GHs. So, now, my GHs are strictly for voice control of casted content and whole house music. HA belongs to my Echos until Google can figure out how to do it properly.

I’ve been fighting with this issue as well. I’m able to login to discover my devices, when I select them and then authorize they don’t show up in my device list. But the weird thing is that I’m able to successfully add devices from my Work hub but not my Home hub. So is this a Smartthings issue or Google Home issue?

Hi Rengie

I had a similar issue except I had added GH to the wrong Hub location; I had to delete all incidents of the GH smartApp and the Home control link to smarthings then re-add them. It took me weeks to find the oloution which I stumbled over by accident. and neither smartthing or Google online assistance was able to get to the bottom of it. I haven’t done a search on this but I don’t think GH can support more than 1 Hub location on an account.

My GH integration has been working just fine since December until recently. All my devices are authorized but don’t show up in the GH app anymore. As a test I removed all of my home devices added a device from another ST hub I have permissions to add it added it with no problem. So I’m not sure if my problem is the same as yours was.

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I got my GH at the end of June which was the Canadian release date. It has not worked with Nest, ST, or Phillips Hue since day 1. I got elevated 3 times (help/support)at which I got this reply.

I understand that you are unable to control any of the home control devices from your Google Home, is this correct? If so, we are aware that certain number of users are currently unable to control some of all of the Home Control devices and are currently working on a fix. I don’t have a timeline on when it will be resolved, but as soon as I have an update, I’ll be sure to follow up with you.

That sounds to me like 'its super weird. don’t expect help any time soon since you are such a small percentage of users."

But one thing gave me a little hope. I had created an IFTT thing to check if my windows were open using WebCore and a virtual button. Somehow that worked when nothing else would. So…a laborious process and 12 virtual buttons later… it will perform the main things that I would ask of it by going through IFTT. Not a perfect solution for sure, but at least it does the main things I need now.

I have had the same trouble that started about couple of weeks ago, after it worked fine ever since Google Home as released. I couldn’t get it to fix despite several resets and reconnects.

Ultimately, I was able to fix it. In my scenario, the trouble was caused by a beta version of the Google Assistant on my phone. When I removed the beta version and updated it to normal version of the app, the devices started to work fine. Hope that helps.

I assume you had an android phone then? Or is there something else that might have a half baked version of Assistant in it (like the Google app, or something else…)


Yes I have an android phone that had a beta version of the “Google” app installed. And that somehow caused issues with controlling ST, Philips Hue and even IFTTT didn’t work. Once I uninstalled the “Google” beta app and updated it to the regular version, everything started working fine.

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Cool. Maybe i will just delete all my other Google Apps, try it and then
re-install them. :slight_smile: Worth a try. Thanks

When I first was setting up my Google Home with SmartThings I believe when you wanted to add additional SmartThings devices to Google Assistants home control, you would just go into the app, select SmartThings and check for new devices. Granted that you already linked your SmartThings account.

Now all the info I’m seeing is saying that SmartThings devices will automatically show up on Google Home control after you’ve added them to your SmartThings hub. When did this happen?

I wanted to add a new outlet today and it wasn’t automatically showing up. I had to disconnect, then reconnect my SmartThings account from Google and readd my devices.

Also I just got a new update for the SmartThings app and Google Assistant is just referred to as Google and the instructions are different in the smart app description.

Seems like a lot of changes are happening

I’m going crazy here! just before today i could add ST devices by going to ios google home app -> home control -> manage accounts -> click on smartthings and then ill find manage devices…
today there is no manage devices, only unlink, so to add devices i have to unlink and re-link??

but what if i have some devices (Switches) i dont want to add to google home?

why is this removed?

Yes! This is the exact problem I noticed as well.

The only way I could add devices was by, unlinking my account, then relinking my account.

Extremely inefficient and annoying.

How can we report/complain about this?

I went the way of unlinking and linking Google Home and Smartthings to get new devices to sync. However, after the most recent unlinking, I could not get Google Home to sync with Smartthings again.

After the page where I could click “Authorise”, it showed a blank page. After 30 seconds or so, there is an error message at the bottom of the page to ask me to try again. Couldn’t get it to work after many tries.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

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Well. no, not when i link it, i no longer see the devices, but i can authorize it, hence it will add ALL devices in ST, which i do not want at all.

Since then, ST & GH have been a mess!

I hope they realize this, I called GH support last night, they confirmed there is an issue (at least with me) and it was escalated to higher tiers, i also gave them other reddit submissions mentioning the same issue.

But back to your issue, i think you have a different / bigger one, try un-linking your gmail account from the ghome app, thats what they tried with me last night, it still didn’t solve listing all ST devices and choosing from them, but it could solve your problem…good luck!

Thanks. I tried unlinking and also resetting GH but it didn’t work. I’ll see if I can reach GH support by phone.

It’s so frustrating when the logical process that had worked so well was changed to something poorer. In my case, it just suddenly stopped working. :confused:

I totally agree with you, and i’d also suggest you’d call them, i already did yesterday and they acknowledged the issue and i got told its gonna be escalated, but it would be better knowing its affecting others as well…

Oh why not also trying resetting the google home to factory settings?

I’ve tried hard resetting google home too. Still couldn’t get it to work.