Google Home and GE on/off switch?

Hello all,

I was able to pair the GE switch without issue and control on/off using the ST. I tried to add the device to Google Home and when I try to authorize it, it brings me to a Google 500 error shown below.

Failed to Register SmartThings device. That’s all we know.

Anyone else have this issue and resolved it?

I didn’t get this error adding my GE dimmer switch to Google Home.


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Several threads on this now. Known issue:

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I’m having the same problem… I I unlinked the account completely from my Google home and now when I try to relink it I get the sane error message.
“Failed to register SmartThings device. That’s all we know”

Whew. Thought I broke things again, lol.

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YAY! It’s working now!!