Google Home always says "turning on two things" with Kasa devices and Samsung Hub

Previously, I had Kasa lights & smart outlets connected to Google Home and everything worked perfectly fine. Once I integrated my SmartThings Hub with Google Home, all voice commands set off two commands instead of one:

Me: “Ok Google, turn on the air conditioner”
Google: “turning on two things”
(and then one thing turns on)

Is there a way to fix this and tell Google Home what it should do when I run those commands? I have tried renaming the SmartThings devices to something else but Google still recognizes the device name that’s in ST.

You should remove the kasa link from google, and let the smartthings integration add your kasa devices to google.

Or, you can remove the kasa devices from the smartthings -> google integration and leave them connected directly.

I think you’re right. It’s going in a bit of a circular loop and triggering things twice.
Can you help a noob out and tell me the steps to do those two things?

Go into google home, add device, search for kasa, then remove the link. Done

Bingo bango that fixed it. Everything still works like it should and Google is no longer telling me it’s turning off 2x the number of items that it should be.