Google has patented home thing control w/Glass…

The Patent system continues to confuse and annoy me…

I can appreciate that the wearable internet connected computing platform in the form of eyewear (with camera, display, and voice activated / speech recognition control…) called “Google Glass” contains some genuinely unique and non-obvious functionality; though implementation is difficult enough that I doubt Google needs the protections of the Patent system.

Regardless; I’m more concerned now when it encroaches on other domains simply by the ability to INTEGRATE and INTERFACE with other systems.

In the case of SmartThings … we’re talking the ability for Google Glass to be an interface into the SmartThings world, or, more generally, the interface to your connected things (or Things). To me, the idea and general mechanisms to INTEGRATE any A/V interface to Things is obvious, and thus should not be granted a patent.

Yet… here it is:

"When the wearable computing device determines that a target device is within its environment, the wearable computing device obtains target device information related to the target device. The target device information may include information that defines a virtual control interface for controlling the target device and an identification of a defined area of the target device on which the virtual control image is to be provided. The wearable computing device controls the HMD to display the virtual control image as an image superimposed over the defined area of the target device in the field of view."

no, that is fairly innovative, “just”. To me that reads that you can have the TV “off” in your lounge, yet the google glass will detect the rectangle shape in the corner of the room. and as you move your head the HMD will keep the image superimposed on your Black TV screen through your wearable google glass. Tell me if I’m wrong, but thats how I read that patent quote you have highlighted.

And yes I think you are right, who hasn’t seen this before, I’m sure I’ve even seen this on HBO or hollywood movies before.


Google has been really into IMDB type information like this recently. for example in Google Movies if you tap on a persons face on a live video it uses facial recognition to bring up the actor’s profile. I could see this being a Glass version of that for Live TV.