Google Event #madebyGoogle 2018

After Samsung, Apple and even Amazon are through with their extravagant annual hardware events, Google’s big day is here, starting at 11AM. Will they disappoint or amaze us?

Live stream…

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The best announcement at the Google’s Hardware event was… the software redesign of Home app, everything else was leaked entirely ahead of the event. Amazon just put Google to shame…

…and a bonus, the stand is cool…

Unless I missed it, still no automations?

This year is all 'bout touches. Maybe next year…or who knows what else they’ve changed in the shortcuts area. Time will tell. :slight_smile:

More on the new app:

“The updated Home app will be rolling out to iOS and Android users this week. And if you’re new to the Google Home family, you can download it on Google Play and in the App Store.”