Google Assistant suddenly stopped understanding (some) scene names

I’ve had Google Assistant activating my Smartthings scenes according to a salutation phrases.
… “Good morning” turns radio and lights on
… “Good night” turns things off.
Been working great for a year or so.

Suddenly a couple of weeks ago Google instead answers “Good morning and starts reading news”.
Some scenes i can still trigger saying “…activate…good evening” but some, like “…activate…good bye” just doesn’t work at all. I have to pull out the phone and use the app!

What’s happened? Anyone with a clue? And how to correct?
(with sudden amnesia like this I guess we don’t have to fear AI so much)

The new Alexa and Google skills do not alloe activation of certain scenes thT contain ‘restricted’ devices such as door locks Nd garage doors. Loom and see if such devices are in those scenes you cant activate from Google

No, i don’t use any restricted devices.
Just light bulbs, wall plug switches and dimmers.

It must be that somethings changed either in how Google Assistants AI interprets talk generally OR in the way it engages with the Samsung Smartthings unit.

But you have to be stunned that the AI doesn’t store firmly into it’s embedded knowledge that, after telling it Good Evening everyday and accepting the lights switching, it suddenly starts responding with a cheerful “Good evening”, completely unaware of our year long working “relation”?!

Yes my google home stopped triggering my smartthings goodnight routine in the last month.

It responds with some kind of ‘sorry I wasn’t able to carry that out’ style message however.

I think google in general has been having issues of late. They are not currently showing as having issues, but down detector has reported problems several times in the last few days.