Google Assistant - Integration Problems

Not sure if anyone else has experienced any problems with the SmartThings Google assistant integration with SmartThings however it appears that the problems I’m having are related to the connection between Google Assistant and SmartThings.

Basically the issues I’ve been having are as follows:

Recently I discovered that whenever I try and edit (or more specifically try and save) a Ready-Made routine within Google Assistant I would receive the error “Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection.”

On a whim I decided to try some “clean-up” and uninstalled all of my cloud based integrations after realizing on a secondary google account with no integrations I could successfully save a Ready-Made in my Google Assistant.

After uninstalling all of my integrations I started slowly adding back the different services and testing the waters after reconnecting each service. It was during this process that I discovered that everything worked fine until I linked SmartThings and then I would receive the error.

I’m curious if anyone else has SmartThings linked to Google Assistant and if they are having any issues or the same issue with editing ready made routines or if it is just me and/or if anyone might have any ideas about what might be causing this problem.

I don’t see this issue. Did you authorize any custom DTH? I would look in live logging to see if there are any errors on Google when ST sends status updates.

I have a few custom device handlers that use regularly however I am just using the standard google assistant interface. I have gotten errors when I setup SmartThings using Google Assistant but then it connects so there appears to be something odd going on I’m just not sure what it might be.

This only started happening recently or at least I only started seeing it recently.

I did reach out to Google Assistant and Google Home although I haven’t followed up with them since I realized that the problem was with my SmartThings integration.

I’ll try and connect it again while logging and will see if I get any interesting errors.

I would try authorizing only devices with built in DTH to see if that fixes your problem. And if it does, then do the same thing you’ve done before, add one custom DTH at time until you find which one is the problem.

Well, that will be interesting since it hasn’t given me an option to select what is connected to google assistant when I connect SmartThings but I’ll try and selectively pick what is connected in GA and see if I can figure out if it is only some devices that are causing the problems.

That won’t work. Open your Google app on SmartThings and toggle the all devices option, then pick the devices you want GA to have access to (no custom DTH at first). Don’t worry about the GA side, it will clear itself up, you don’t have to do anything.

I just figured out that I can select some items inside the SmartThings app and am now selecting only some things to connect to GA to see if that fixes the problems.

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As a follow up. That does seem to have worked.

I so far I’m only sharing some switches with google assistant and I can still update and save the Ready-Made Routines in google Assistant.

I will try and add various options and see what causes the process to break.

Thanks for the help.

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So was the issue with custom DTH or have you been able to add them and not have any issues?

I’m not sure I can say for certain I know what caused the problems.

So far I have only added switches/lights.

Some time after I added some of my devices back I did end up experiencing the same problem again.

I removed a few of the lights I added (that were duplicate lights with hue, which I have directly connected to GA) and it started working again.

I do currently have some custom code devices connected (specifically, Kriskit/Trendsetter light groups.)

I don’t have anything beyond switches linked through SmartThings to GA, my thermostat is linked directly to GA and although I do have the ability to initiate some routines (via virtual switches) I don’t currently have any Routines linked directly to GA although generally I don’t activate Routines verbally most of the changes in my home occur automatically.

I did discover that cleaning up my SmartThings integration did fix my lighting voice control problems that I have had for some time with GA.

Room control works now in google home and the lights that I expect to turn on and off will respond as expected.

I almost don’t need Alexa in my home any more to control my lights via voice.

Thats great that you were able to have things working properly.