Goodbye Smartthings Classic - Xiaomi, sonoff, h801 device handlers etc

Hi All

After setting up ST a couple of years back with the hub v2. I have pretty much left the automations alone and they have just been working as intended with the occasional issues.

I have xiaomi sensors in most rooms that turn on lamps and h801 led strips. I have various device handlers from a4refillpad, bspranger and erocm123.

I am guessing that eventually these will all stop working?

The new app will not allow me to change colours on the LED strips. Sometimes these would revert back to their initial turn on start (100% White). I have one in a bathroom that is normally blue so now it is stuck on off due to me not having a white led strip. I will change this on the controller to blue as a work around for the time being.

The question is, am I better off moving away from ST going forward as I am happy with the way things did work ie colours staying rhe same etc.

I have lots of sonoff smart plugs, xioami sensors and h801 controllers. What would you recommend I do it I was to still use all of these devices. BAring in mind I have flashed them all to work with ST. Will I need to reflash them to work with another system?

Is hubitat worth using as I would just like the easist route to have these devices working.

Thanks in advance for all of your replies.

ps. I have been trying to speak to samsung chat around this for weeks and they always “not available” where-as they always used to be very good at getting back to you.

I would recommend going on the hubitat forum & posting everything you have & see if there would be any issues if you switched. Nothing is 100 % full proof but I’m sure almost everything you have on smartthings will work on hubitat. Also many developers who used to be smartthings users & who created great device thing handlers & smart apps have sadly left here & went over to hubitat. Do I think smartthings will get better??? I’m hoping so but time will tell. I will say when it comes to software, that is not one of Samsung’s strong areas. Good luck in what ever choice you choose.

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It has been said that the replacement for IDE will contain a way to be be able to use custom DTH but I cant confirm that. If it doesn’t, the platform will officially die and there will be a mass exodus. Time will tell

Yes it does, SmartThings isn’t going away from custom apps or DTH’s


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