Goodbye Not Working

I have generation 1 hub. It seems since the new App was installed, the procedure to change to Goodbye mode is not working.

Before, when both my wife and I were gone, it would turn off all the lights, shut down my Sonos, make sure the door was locked – all the good stuff.

Now, it never changes. I have to send a manual trigger, like through my phone, or changing the mode on my Jawbone Up.

When I look at my family tab, the Nest Thermostat shows up? Is there a reason that a thermostat should be on the daily tab? Maybe that means someone is always home? I hesitate to remove it. It was so difficult to get it to work with my smartthings hub, I’m afraid I won’t ever get it to work again.

Not sure. This is frustrating.

Thanks for any help in advance.

I have a similar issue. I get a notification that Goodbye ran but it doesn’t do anything. As a work around I use Rule Machine to monitor presence and then trigger Goodbye. It has worked well so far.