Goodby SmartThings! Upgraded cablemodem and lost all devices and automations

I’m on Spectrum internet and upgraded from 400Mbs to 1Gbs. Installation was supposed to be easy enough - remove the old modem and plug in the new one. Didn’t work so I called Spectrum and they walked through basic troubleshooting.

  1. Push new activation to my modem
  2. Unplug and reset your router

It was only AFTER I pushed the “reset” button on the back of my SmartThings Hub that I looked up the FAQ and saw the warning that doing a local hard reset will make me lose all my automations and devices.


I unplugged the SmartThings Hub right away, the Spectrum tech started to apologize profusely. We got the new modem working with a hardwired laptop (it just required a second activation push) and I called Samsung tech support.

The person at Samsung knew exactly what happened, and just said sorry. There was nothing Samsung could do.

Pushing the LOCAL reset button on your hub results in removing all devices and associated automations stored in the cloud.

Ever watch the scene in the cartoon Home where the Boov sends email to the entire universe, inviting certain doom. His response “who puts reply next to reply all? its just bad design.”

Who puts a local reset button that wipes all your cloud data? That’s just bad design.

So I’m using this opportunity to move away from SmartThings - and go to

So long, DumbThings.


I don’t understand why you reset your SmartThings Hub as part of changing your modem. Those are unrelated devices.

Or, are you saying you had some router with a built-in SmartThings Hub? If so, don’t buy one of those. Those two completely separate functions shouldn’t be in the same box.


I’m assuming OP actually has Samsung Connect Home or SmartThings Wifi. Not a “normal” SmartThings hub.


jlv I wholly fully agree with you - the smartthings hub and the wifi router should not be in the same box. Resetting the smartthings hub has zero relation to the cable modem upgrade.

Jimmy was right, I was using the SmartThings Wifi (four of them) to create a mesh network.

Jimmy - what you do mean by “normal” smartthings hub? I thought the SmartThings Wifi was the “normal” one everyone had. Please enlightenment, as I am still migrating to home assistant for z-wave, and keeping the SmartThings for my wifi mesh.

The “normal” SmartThings hub is a separate device, only acting as a smart home hub (supporting Zigbee and Z-wave devices). It does not have other devices (like acting as a WiFi mesh router) built in.

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This is the current “normal” hub:

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