Good outdoor Motion Detector

I’m interested in adding a motion detector outside my garage so that I will be notified when someone drive up my driveway (can’t see it from inside the house).

Has anyone had a good experience with a particular unit?

I use this one on my front patio, and it works very good. Turn on the pet immunity to the highest…

I live in the Northeast and have not had good luck with batteries and my outdoor motion sensors (Aeon). I have found that a brand new sensor with new batteries works great and makes it through a winter and then some (about 9 months). Once I replace the batteries though they only last a week or two (in the cold). There must be something in the unit itself that, when exposed to cold, etc., causes issues at a later date.

Have you used the Ecolink in cold weather?


My Aeon outdoor motion sensor had the same battery problem. Worked great for a year and then blew thru new batteries in a week even in the summer. I have 2 of the Ecolinks described above outside and they work great. I’ve had them for about a year and they both show 99% battery remaining. I live in the midwest, so they do handle the cold weather. I’m guessing the Ecolinks have better battery life because all they do is motion, no temp, humidity or lux.


Did they come with lithium batteries and you replaced them with alkaline? I found that all my battery operated devices last a year or more when I use the lithium disposables instead. they also dont have the cold temperature problems.

Like ChrisC, I live in the Northeast (7.9 deg now) and need something that can handle the cold.

I’ve been looking at the Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor:

Looks like it can be powered by AC through a mini-usb port.

Anybody have experience with this one?

Like Timgray I always use lithium batteries in outdoor devices
(cameras, weather station, etc) The do last much longer than any others.

Not sure what battery they (Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor classic, not the new ones) came with, they lasted a year outside. But when I had to replace them, alkaline lasted a week, $6 of lithium lasted 2 weeks and it was 50 degrees out.

So I bought a USB adapter (don’t remember if it’s a mini or micro) and moved it to the garage. Works great there.


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good to know. I think I will upgrade to those as the option to power them is a huge bonus.

Totally agree with this motion sensor. I have a house in Pacific northwest as well and all 4 of my Aeon sensors died on me after 2 years even with usb power. Replaced them with Ecolink sensors and couldn’t be happier. The battery life is really good and you can set it to test mode for 30 seconds timeout or pet immune setting.