Good one way z-wave switch?

I have been looking for just a one-way (single pole) z-wave wall switch. All the ones from GE, Zooz (prefer) and others appear to be 3,4,5 way switches. I know I could use these but would be paying for features not needed. Are there any one-way only zwave switches that work with ST? Thanks.

I don’t think anybody is making a less expensive zwave switch that can’t be used in a three way.

There are a couple of cheap Wi-Fi switches of this type, but I’m not sure they’re firesafe. They basically cut every corner they could.

There are switches like Eaton Cooper which don’t use a physical traveler wire, but they tend to cost more than a Zooz.

And monoprice makes one which gets terrible reviews and still costs more than a Zooz. :thinking:

So if your objective is just to save money, I don’t think the lack of support for a physical traveler wire is going to make a difference. :sunglasses:


The features you’re not needing consist of one extra terminal on the switch plus multi-way support in the software.

I’ve got over 20 Zooz ZEN26 switches and ZEN27 dimmers, mostly as single-pole. Very cost effective and very good customer support.