Good Night feature alternative and Action Tiles in new App

Since the good night feature is going away, what is the alternative to it in the new app and how will it works with Action Tiles?

I currently have a wall tablet using Action Tiles with a good night tile.

Do you mean you have a good night routine in the classic app? In most cases you’ll be able to re-create that with a combination of scenes and automations. What exactly do you have a good night routine doing? :sunglasses:

As far as getting it to work with actiontiles, in the worst case, you can set up a virtual switch to trigger the automation and that should work.

In the new app create a SCENE that contains all the actions that the ROUTINE in the old app performed. Then in ActionTiles import the scene and add that to your panel.

I have one that turns off all the lights in the house and turns on the bedroom fan.

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Will selecting migration from the banner setup this new automation for me? Currently the Classic app is turning on alarm, turning off lights and turning various things on.

The alternative to it will typically be an Automation activating a Scene. Whether it is an Automation just running a Scene, or a combination of a Scene plus some actions that can only be included directly in the Automation (I’ve no idea why such things exist), depends on what you want to do.

ActionTiles should be launching native Scenes support imminently, but workarounds to activate Scenes are easy to implement.