Good morning routine failed again

What is wrong with this system. how come one day it works and the next it doesn’t. notice the execution time for the 3 days shown.

Hi @cuboy29,

You have two choices,

  1. You should contact ST support.
  2. I recommend using the CoRe community rules engine to execute misfiring actions.

Or both.

7/8 routines I have now are in fact blank. CoRE Detects they were executed and takes the appropriate series of actions.

Seems to work well.

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So you guys are using CoRE to execute the actual actions and the routines themselves are nothing more than a virtual switch of sorts? I ask because I am seeing a similar issue. 80% of the time, my GoodNight routine will fire, lights will turn off but it will not change the Mode to Night.

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Since routines are part of the backend, I still use them - but they don’t have any actions in them. CoRE can detect when they are executed and take over.

why not just replicate the routine with CoRe all together?

Some things, such as other apps, will allow you to configure a routine to run.

An example would be a keypad I have, the app for it allows you to set a routine to execute upon certain codes.

Well, I need to pick up on that routine execution and take further action since I can’t trust the routine.

There are several others… the eco system is built around the concept of routines. It is not built around CoRE Pistons.

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Recommendation 1 is always a good option

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This is whay I doh and have no problems stuff all:

ST routines are setup to ONLY change the mode at certain times, and nothing else at all.

I then use a CoRE piston for each mode. The piston uses the mode change as the trigger and performs all of the required actions.

This has been rock solid for months.

The only time I’ve had a problem is when I’ve added additional actions to the ST routines. It fails every time.


Still 99% though!

99% of the time, it fails every time!


Right, that’s why I do not use the routines in that way.

I would gladly switch to CoRE for the action…however, I like the message I receive back from a routine. Where it actually can report the status of the things it was supposed to change. So I can know if my door is really locked or not, etc.

Not sure I follow, I don’t remember routines doing that…

But… none the less, you can have CoRE do that… you can have it pause, refresh status and report that status…

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Just an FYI for everyone. I have open Tickets on both of these issues. Please report any issues so they know that it is more widespread.

Routines: My Good Morning Routine has failed every morning for the last 8 days. ST is working on it but can’t identify the problem and haven’t gotten back to me. Mine is triggered by Motion inside a time window. Not just time.

CoRe: I have moved my Mode changes to Core becuase even when they were all that was in the Routine, they were still failing. And now they are failing in Core. I also reported this to ST last week when everyone was having trouble with Core. They said they would get back to me when they had answers. And since they have not, I assume that they are still working on the problem.

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Anyone that works at ST with a ST deployment OR a computer knows routines are not reliable.

Though it stopped working the same time CoRe stopped executing properly as well. So coincidence…or other…I certainly have no idea. It worked flawlessly until then.

If you have submitted a ticket to support, please DM me the ticket number. If not, shoot me a DM with your ST account email address

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@lmosenko What is the current link to CoRE when i click on the link it says Obsolete ?

The first sentence in the now obsolete thread says “kindly follow us here” and that here is a clickable link to the current thread. But it’s easy to miss if you’re just glancing over it. Here’s the direct link:

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My good night routine also failed to fully execute last night and took a manual trigger to force it to finish. This happens every couple of months and I have opened several tickets on it. It seams once ST gets the code fixed, someone else comes along with a new ‘feature’ and breaks it again.

Link to previous posts with ticket numbers: How to make routines change mode?

For the lazy: #214627, #129816, #182092, #176780, #129816