Good Bye! Routine not working

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with their routines and using a Mobile Phone trigger to activate them?

For some reason it just seems to be restricted to the Good Bye! routine as the I’m Home! routine works ok.

The set-up basicly is, my phone leaves home… SHM sets to Armed (Away) and it turns off everything, and changes mode to away. However this doesn’t work? The I’m Back! routine set completely the same but opposite, works ok?

Any ideas?

I’ve set stuff to happen automaticly on the individual switches and sensors, which works as intended (when I leave and when I return home) - It just appears to be the individual routines that dont want to work?


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I have exactly the same problem - I raised a support case and they have admitted the goodbye routine has bugs and isn’t working properly and doesn’t run any of the goodbye routine actions - when I get into work tomorrow I’ll copy their email here for you info. They have said they are working on it but don’t have a date when they except it fixed.

They have also admitted the smart home monitor has bugs e.g. a smoke alarm will show as OK even when you don’t have on.

Very disappointing that they haven’t tested the apps properly before releasing it.


I noticed that when the routine has been run, that they set the mode to Away or Home depending on exiting or arriving at the location. Once the routine has run once and has set the status, it appears to not want to run again.

I ended up setting up routines for all my people in the house, and for each routine did not set a status of Away or Home. They all run correctly now, including goodbye.

That sounds more like the issue in the following FAQ, which is that in smartthings a routine will not run if it is already in the mode to which it is supposed to change:

That’s a separate issue from the current bug which seems to apply only to the goodbye routine, and is more likely associated with presence detection.

Ahh so yet another bug I’ve run into.

Its really making my love for smartthings and its potential, hard to listen to.

Lets hope this one is one of their priorities too.

Thanks for the replys. I’d appreciate it if those that are checking this bug all the time could just post a little something when they see its resolved :slight_smile:

Yeah another one here with the same problem. I have it so that when the prescence sensor (my wife) and phone (me) leave, give it 10 minutes then set the state to ‘Goodbye!’ when then arms the SHM.

Unfortunately it doesn’t activate, so I have to trigger it manually when I know my wife has left the house.

This is what I am doing at the moment. Annoying as hell in most cases. Just because I need it activates as soon as I leave. So I pull up down the road and turn it on manually.

I wouldn’t see it as a huge problem if the IFTTT integration worked, but we all know that story! :wink:

Glad it’s not just me then!

Exactly the same issue using the Presence Sensor. Never triggers the Goodbye Routine, but it does trigger the I’m Home routine no problem. Manually triggering Goodbye is what I’m doing for now.

I should mention, I am getting the push notification that the Presence Sensor has left. Just not triggering.

This! - I’m talking to support at the moment - Will direct this to this post for further info.

It’s been a problem since it launched, had a ticket open for a month on it now. They do know and are working on it, I’ve tested a few things for them but no luck fixing it yet.

Info from support:

Hey Ian.

Thanks for reaching out,

I’m going to be the bearer of bad new (for the time being). The ‘Goodbye’ routine is experiencing issues at the moment. We have our engineers working on a fix, however we don’t have an accurate time scale on when it will be fixed.

This isn’t the experience we wanted for our customers, we are working around the clock to get these problems resolved.

We appreciate and thank you for your patience, if we can help in any way please get back in touch.

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Hey guys,

Engineers are working on this. In the meantime you can use an app called “Hello, Home Phrase Director” in the marketplace. You can action routines like this based on presence in the home and whether the sun is up or down. Short term solution until the routines get fixed.

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So is the bug specific to presence detection leaving? I’m just trying to figure out why only some routines are failing. Why does the director smartapp still work if the routine doesn’t?

It’s a bug in the “going-away” part. I am not sure what the bug is necessarily, but my app doesn’t hit this bug, whatever it is. :smile:

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Just wondering - Would creating a new Goodbye! routine work? I’m not going to be able to test it until tomorrow.

Please let me know if it does! :smile:

Nope didnt work :frowning:

Just for curiosity, are you actuating anything other then a mode/SHM state in the routine? Like a light or garage door?

Same problem here - UK user of SmartThings Hub and needing to manually run the routine after closing the front door :frowning: