Goji door Smart Lock (Bluetooth LE?) on IdieGoGo

Some of the details of this Project are sketchy, in my opinion.

Making a secure home lock is non-trivial (hence the big lock companies, Schlage, Kwikset, etc., … right?).
Or is all about the gadget, smartphone, connectivity, electronics now?


Comments welcome.


Good Things:

FOB for people without a cell phone
Built in camera
Ability to tell now just that someone entered, but exactly who

Bad Things:

No keypad for a code
Works through a third party cloud
Appears to be deadbolt only

It isn’t cheap… that’s for sure. But it also isn’t much more expensive than z-wave door locks, and includes a camera.

For me, I’m going to pass for two reasons: First, I already have a Kwikset Z-wave and don’t want to invest a lot more in another lock. Second, I’d really prefer to have as unified a system as possible. And at least right now ST isn’t compatible.

Goji support and service through either Zigbee or WIFI would be fantastic and hope ST and Goji are continuing their efforts?

I plan to order my Goji soon and add it to my ST, zwave modules, The Ubi, and other resources scheduled for implementation.

Keep up the grest work. Sorli

Any updates on the Goji?