GoControl zwave accessory switch reporting status? (March 2019)

The original linear/go control accessory switch, WT00Z-1, reported its status to the hub when changed at the wall, which had a lot of uses.

However, I hear persistent reports that the Z wave plus version, which has a different model number, WT00Z5-1, does not do this reliably.

But then when I look at the specs on the newer model, it says it is using central scene to report to the hub. So I am wondering if the DTH is looking for the central scene reports or not. ( I am dependent on text to speech, so I can’t read the code myself.)


But then the user Guide for the new model doesn’t say anything about central scenes except in the product name, and appears to work exactly the same way as the original version.

So I’m confused.

The particular use case under consideration is using this switch to control zigbee smart bulbs by sending the instruction to the hub which then sends the instruction to the Bulb.

But two people said they were able to make that work with the older model, but not the newer model. :disappointed_relieved:

Can anybody say one way or the other?


Well, as an alternative, you can use any one of the newer zwave plus models from GE and/or homeseer. They now have instant status back to hub.

Are you interested in just off/on or dim value?

For example: I have a Ge zwave plus in which the load is NOT connected and I have smart lighting to mirror this switch to a hue light.

I understand, but for people less familiar with replacing switches , it often helps if the wiring instructions in the guide match exactly what you want to do. Plus the gocontrol accessory switch has often been about five dollars less than a master switch. But mostly I’m just curious. :wink:

Who sells go control zwave plus? As far as I can tell only the zwave classic are available on Amazon?

Zwave.com has some listed


And Nortek (the manufacturer) still Lists it in the product catalog

But they do seem to be hard to find these days.