GoControl WT00Z5-1 wiring so it's always hot for smart bulbs?

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I must be dim (see what I did there?) but I can’t figure out how to wire this GoControl WT00Z5-1 accessory switch into the box while leaving the light’s circuit hot.

The switch needs ground, line and neutral. This would leave the load disconnected and would permanently disconnect the circuit if the load isn’t connected to anything, would it not? And if the switch only needs line, not load, then I can’t connect them both to permanently complete the circuit, can I?

Any help with wiring instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe it creates virtual 3,4,5,6 way switches.
Meaning the switch is powered by mains and is always hot so it may be used for controlling smart bulbs like hue without killing the power to the bulb.

Could be wrong… have before.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I agree the switch is one of the unique ones that has its own radio so it can create a virtual three way without needing a master or a traveler.

My question is, if I wire this switch into a single gang box that used to contain a simple single pole on off switch, how do I get the existing circuit to be always hot?

The existing switch is connected to line, load, and ground. The neutrals in the box are just capped off. The new switch calls for being connected to line, neutral and ground, but not load. So if I cap off the load and connect the new switch to those others, wouldn’t the light circuit be permanently disconnected? What do I do with load to keep the circuit connected while still only wiring the switch to line?

A wire nut
Connect the load and hot together from the existing switch along with a lead to the new switch with the nut, this way you get power to the switch and the light socket (always hot now).

Ok so the switch will be connected to line, load and neutral despite only calling for line and neutral?

Old switch comes out which had a lin in(hot) and a line out(load).
The neutrals are wire nutted and pass through the box up to the light fixture.

To feed the switch with a constant hot and feed the fixture with a constant hot you will need to do this,
On old switch:
Disconnect the line (constant hot) and the load, connect them together along with a lead to connect to the new smart switch line terminal (use a wire nut to connect them together).
Connect a white (neutral) to the bundle of whites (neutrals) that pass through the box with a wire nut.

Now you should have the leads required for the new switch AND this will supply the light fixture with constant hot for a “Smart bulb”

The switch can then be configured to operate any “Smart Lights” or routines.

If you are still unsure a licensed electrician would be your best bet as it is very dangerous.

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