GoControl Sensors/Siren?

I just bought the premium kit from the op’s post, and I have the siren working with my smartthings hub and door sensor.

I had previously purchased two of the bundles that include the sirens. I let them sit for a while since I only needed the contact and motion sensors. I finally decided to set them up today but I just noticed that they are different models. The one on the left is ZM1601US uses a battery pack and the one on the right is WA105DBZ-1 but seems to include a rechargeable power source. Is the WA model supposed to include a power adapter?

I know one of them can be plugged in, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to come with a cable. I thought all the ones that came in those kits were the cheap battery only models…

hello, I have 2 of the gocontrol z wave sirens installed, and with ease to say the least…but this third one that a friend gave me is giving me tons of issues…I can’t connect it to my ST hub at all, wont be detected. Is there a way to reset the device to re-add it?

It probably still thinks it’s connected to a different network. You can reset that with a “general device exclusion” which you will issue from the smart things hub and then you will have to in someway manipulate the siren so it accepts the reset. Usually this means pushing a button on the siren or something like that. Instruction should be in its manual.

Here are the instructions for the general exclusion step on the SmartThings side:

Once you have it reset, then you should be able to add it. :sunglasses:

Hi someone have an solution to active only Strobe without cut the Siren wire?

Hi Kevin
i did installer the Device Handler and publish it but i dont see anything in my APP.
i have both App Latest one and the Classic.
In Classic i do the + then add device manually and dont see goControl Siren
What am i doing wrong. I am moving some of my Wink stuff to SmartThings. The door sensor did moved easy but the Siren will not go.
Do you Speak Francais,
I am south shore of Montreal.

Did you exclude the device from Wink before attempting to add it to ST? Even if you did exclude it properly you might want to try a general exclusion anyways just to make sure it doesn’t think it’s still joined to a hub.

There are several models of this device and the inclusion process isn’t the same for all of them so if you have the manual you should check to see the inclusion and exclusion steps, but if you don’t have the manual then the steps below might work.

To perform the general exclusion, into the “My Hubs” section of the IDE, click the “View Utilities” link which is about half way down the page, and then click the “Z-Wave Exclude” link. Once exclusion is initiated you need to hold the tamper switch on the siren for 1 second. I’d probably give it about 30 seconds to exclude and then try adding the device again through the mobile app.

To add the device, click the + on the Things screen to initiate the inclusion process and then plug in the device (or put in batteries) and if ST doesn’t find the device within about 15 seconds then hold the tamper switch for 1 second.

Thanks for these steps. I tried them but the smarthings app (or classic app) is still not finding my goControl Siren. should there be a flashing light after i press the tamper switch for 1 second? Mine is not doing anything. I think when I removed it from my Wink Hub I did a remove all Z-wave devices, not sure if that would matter, but it doesnt show up in my Wink app anymore. Any other suggestions? I know the batteries are good because I set off the siren a couple times while i was trying to remove it from my Wink hub.

You basically forced the remove from wink which removes them from wink’s device list, but all the devices think they’re still attached to it.

If you go into the hub utilities section of the IDE you can start a general exclusion and then hold the tamper switch for 1 second and it should remove the device. Once it’s removed you should be able to join it to ST like normal.

The alternative to the general exclusion is factory resetting the device, but I’m not sure what the factory reset procedure is for your model.