GoControl Sensors/Siren?

This is not a stupid discussion. You are spreading misinformation with no factual basis. Until you can provide some information that suggests that Gocontrol and monoprice sensors use the same firmware you cannot say they are the same.

none of us are the oracle of all things smart
everybody has something to offer to make the discussion better
there’s no reason to get testy on something like this
please state your points and discuss respectfully
not pointing fingers
i’m learning from both views, and see all of this as necessary content to get through

Hey, is that some kind of poetry format? lol

I am not trying to be nasty just trying to present a factual based argument.

Just picked up a bunch of these from Home Depot on Clearance (4 Premium and 5 Essential). They were marked $75 and $38, talked them into giving me another $50 off for buying them all and then 10% military discount.

Now, I just need the D/W Sensors to work properly as all but one of the 6 I have tried so far is stuck in either open or closed. That one is working great though…


These are now $25 and $50 at Home Depot. Guessing there is a new line coming out, or they just aren’t selling (boxes are dusty). Trying to decide if I need more. Bought an essential pack to finish the first floor.

Probably will be a new zwave plus model soon.

Thanks for the info guys. I agree a fire sale is going on, likely for new model. Just want to let you know the $99 5 pack is going for $25 at My local Home Depot near zip 30115. The 3 pack for just $13. Yes they have the terminals inside if you want to connect to an external sensor. I will attempt to include a picture.

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installed 4 onto the doors of my house. tryin to figure out where to put the other 2. how loud is this alarm ?

Really loud. While writing the DTH for it I ended up taping a folded hand towel over the speaker and then putting a pillow over it.

When you put the batteries in, the siren goes off for a few seconds and once the back cover is on, if you take it off, the siren will stay on until it times out or you pull the batteries.

It also has no off switch so I don’t recommend disabling the auto-off feature. At least that way if SmartThings is messed up and the siren randomly goes off in the middle of the night, it won’t stay on for more than 2 minutes.

well at least i havent put batteries in xD was afraid it would go off when i did >_< dang is tehre any way to make it not so loud

No it only has 1 volume, but covering it with a pillow works well.

haha. i de-soldered one of the units after i put in earbuds and covered the speaker to test how it sounds. maybe use one for lights and another unit for sound somewhere else

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I picked up a couple of these and am trying to get the motion sensor to pair and have been unable to get it to pair to my st hub. I’ve tried the paper clip in the hole on the back with no luck. Any ideas?

Ha…I cut the wires to one of them…the blinking red lights are really quiet.

no clue. mine worked out of the box. detected as aeon multisenor

lol i desoldered one off just to make it cleaner. may put that one somewhere central

how to set it to have one blink for a while before another goes off?

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Are you sure that the device wasn’t added to SmartThings as a “Thing” that hasn’t been configured. You may need to close and re-open the mobile app in order to see it when you go to add a new device.

I just opened up one of my sirens and it looks like there are 2 yellow wires going to the speaker so I’m assuming those are the ones you cut.

It looks like there’s also a large capacitor or something next to the speaker. I know virtually nothing about electronics so this is probably a stupid question, but will cutting the wires to the speaker cause that thing to build up a charge that won’t get released?

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I found this https://github.com/krlaframboise/SmartThings/tree/master/devicetypes/krlaframboise/gocontrol-multifunction-siren.src

Just a FYI. Make sure the little tab inside the D/W sensor gets pushed down when you put the back on or it will not update the status. I’ve found after installing ~20 of these current status issues are commonly related to the back cover not being on “right.”

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Just in case you are curious, I opened mine up again. I think we will be ok. The big black thing is an inductor (coil)…the capacitors are small and have a 25v rating. Caps are ok holding a charge under their voltage rating.