GoControl Motion Sensor reporting Lux

I have a bunch of GoControl Motion detectors, and I changed all of the handlers over to use the Aeon Multi sensor handler in IDE as it is local but also allows the temperature status to be read on them unlike the generic handlers, and the all seem to be working fine and reliably.

However, one (only one) of them (all bought in packs of 3) is now suddenly reporting light level in Lux too (seems to only show ‘60 Lux’. Any ideas why, or if their is a better local handler for the GoControl motion sensors that also allows the temperature status to be read?


The motion sensor is not reporting Lux. You are using a DTH which reports Lux. In that situation the values are unpredictable.

So once you get the correct DTH for the device you are using that problem will disappear. :sunglasses:

You can leave the topic title the way you have it, but then people are not going to answer your real question. Up to you.

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Any idea why I have 9 Identical Motion sensors, all with the same handler, but only one of them reports Lux?

Nope, but since it’s the wrong DTH, I wouldn’t spend any time worrying about it. Or trying to troubleshoot it. I’d just move on to a different DTH. :sunglasses:

( if you didn’t have the requirement that it runs local, you could just comment out the line in the DTH about reporting Lux, but then it won’t run local so I know that’s not what you want.)

That’s a Z wave device, so just try the generic zwave motion sensor DTH and see if that works for you.

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The generic one works fine, but it does not show temperature, and having the temperature is very handy for numerous functions.