GoControl GD00Z-1 Garage Control Edge Driver?

Great, my garage door will no longer open when I arrive etc.
I wrote my own webcore code for it and now I’m supposed to pay Rboy …

Most of rboy’s code isn’t working now, either, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

Most Webcore code can be re-created for the new platform, using one method or another, but it depends on the details. Start with the following thread, and see if it helps.

Otherwise start a new topic with your specific issues and people will be able to help you there.

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The issue is there’s seems to be no Device Handler for it anymore?
It’s a GoControl GD00Z-1.

The Z-Wave Garage Door Driver I can manually control the door with but for actions it’s completely confused and shows the Open/Closed states as actions so nothing works.

You can also use this option with LAN device like Raspberry Pi or something. Once you get the MyQ Controller and Garage Door Opener back into SmartThings, hopefully you can still get your automations back in using Routines now (since Webcore gone) or perhaps Sharptools.

MyQ is a different brand than GoControl with a completely different kind of integration (LAN vs Zwave), so I’m afraid that one won’t help in this situation. :disappointed_relieved:

Device Handlers are being deprecated, so what you want is an Edge driver.

Samsung automatically converted my GoControls to the native Z-wave Garage Door Opener, so there is definitely a driver for them. The doors are working perfectly, as before. In fact, I didn’t even realize the conversion had occurred until I tripped over it.


I got it working with the Edge driver.
Mine did not convert automatically, it just stopped working. Par for the course.


Oh I must have missed that part. Yes GoControl different. My bad. But I’m glad OP was able find Edge Driver for it.

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My door opens and closes with the app, but the features of Rboy apps like the automatic opening / closing based upon arrivals and timed closings do not.

Do the new edge drivers allow you to get the features you need?

Not the Edge drivers specifically, but the native capabilities of Routines. You can open and close doors with timings via a Routine.