GoControl controller takes long to respond

Hello guys, I’m using several of these to control my smart bulbs, problems is, sometimes it takes very long to respond when it has been inactive for a while, following pushes respond quickly. It’s like if the device is in a sleep mode and take some seconds to wake. I was thinking about programming WebCore to ping the device every minute or so to keep it away. Do you think it can help?

You can, and it might… at the cost of battery life.

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It’s more likely to make other things worse. You would be adding a huge amount of traffic to the network and it’s just not necessary.

You’re correct that battery operated devices do sleep when not used, which is to extend the battery life. So as @sidjohn1 mentioned, if you did start hitting the switch cover every minute, you would kill the batteries very quickly.

Instead, just ping it once every 12 hours and see if that helps. :sunglasses:

Thank you for the advice, I think pinging every 12 hours wouldn’t help as I use the controller way more often, but I will start pinging each hour with only one controller and see how it goes.

I’m interesting on the network traffic, do you have idea how often are messages transmitted when the devices are not in use? (for health status for example)

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