GoControl 7 Day Thermostat - $17.00 Lowes (shipping avail)

Thank you guys, looks like I got lucky as the 2 I ordered are schedule day to arrive on Friday :smile:

What DTH to use with this?

The price is now $20 and come with a free iris hub! This is insane. The hub is listed at $15 from this same store in Chicago.

What would you use the hub for? it’s going to really a extra hub lying around…

Christmas is coming up…

Shipping not available😭

Does this thermostat report humidity in zwave data by chance?

Has someone created a custom device handler for this thermostat? The built-in one that it defaults to isn’t great.

The default one isn’t great, but it works.

I use the DTH from @RBoy at www.rboyapps.com. Between that DTH and the variety of SmartApps for temperature control, the contribution is more than worth the price of admission!

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Thanks! I’ll check them out.

The built-in thermostat is almost unusable for me. The big issues is the sliders for the temperature setpoints. I guess they go from 0F to 100F, which make doing a reasonable adjustment very difficult. In attempting to increase the temperature from 71 to 72 I went from 71 to 78, then back down to 65, then back up to 71 before I gave up and walked over to the wall to fix it. :slight_smile:

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ROFL! Agreed! My big paws couldn’t handle it! I either used the wall or Google Home to set the temp!

The RBOY app and handler are much cleaner…

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Check this out if you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty coding:

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I actually signed up for your service and the device handler works well. Thanks!

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@RBoy Im thinking of trying this device handler. I purchased this thermostat at lowes and it goes inactive. This is for a 2nd zone in my house (Which doesnt get used much)…I got this at a great deal so I just wanted to make it work. Will this code fix this issue? Im currently battery powered No C-wire til prob the spring…but it really does not get used much.

If it’s going inactive then the issue is with the z wave module or the hub
firmware. I don’t think any DH will solve the issue. Did you try the 30 min
cold reboot trick for the hub?

I only power cycled the themro to get it to resync. I don’t even know of the 30 min hub trick. (I’ll google it see what I can find). I also look into what firmware the hub is running. I only had it for a month so far so I’m still learning. thanks for the tips !
also I HATE the interface. I have a device handler for the radio thermostat and it’s 1000x better then the stock. those slides are awful.

See this thread (a couple of posts above this):

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I bought this thermostat, though not at the low price here (I paid about $45). I am using RBoy’s device handler for Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat, but am not getting humidity readings. Was hoping a humidity sensor was secretly in there.

Where can I get a 15 off 50 coupon at?

Read instructions, follow the more info link