Go Control using Automation

Why don’t the following button options work for my GoControl button device? I can assign per button using lighting SmartApp, but none of these selections (i.e. Pressed 6 Times, Toggle Down, etc.) will work when I try to setup the device using Automation. Please see attached pic. Your time and efforts would be greatly appreciated.


Can you explain what you mean by it doens’t work? As in, the device won’t show up in the Automation, it won’t assign actions or assigned actions don’t work?

Thank you for replying.

For example, if I assign a light to turn off if “Pressed 6 Times” the light doesn’t turn off after pressing the button six times.

Could it be because I have the published Device Handler for GoControl installed?

I don’t think the button supports 6 presses, from what I see it only supports pressed and pushed.