Go Button (Wifi Connected Button)

I wonder if this will have any benefit in home automation.

Meh. They’re just offering to program an Amazon Dash button for you and put a custom text wrapper on it. It has the same problem as every dash button: A non-replaceable battery which is only good for 2000 presses. And they haven’t given any cost information yet.

There are already other buttons on the market with replaceable batteries and much more flexible programming, including IFTTT channels. Like the popular Flic button. The upfront cost may be more, but if you’re going to use it a lot, you’ll recover a lot of that The first time you replace the battery.

You can see the list of buttons which work with SmartThings in the FAQ:

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Yeah. I have a few of those. I just stumbled across these and thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

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Keo, thanks for sharing this. Full Disclosure. I’m one of the creator of goButton. Agree with JDRoberts on the fixed non-replaceable battery. The main reason we came up with goButton was to focus on repetitive task automation for businesses.

We just launched the kickstarter for goButton and you can find it here: https://bit.ly/gbkick

Over the weekend I did integrate the goButton with my smartThings and we are going to have out of box Integration with smartThings and there are 2 advantages I see with it.

  1. Customize labels: None of the existing smartThings supported button has a way to put your custom label on it. With goButton you can customize your text and put on it
  2. Button hardware: Amazon spent good amount of time perfecting the tactile function and good hardware. It works every single time.

Let me know if you need any additional info. You can reach us at hello@gobutton.io

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Here’s the link to tweet which shows goButton controlling a light

goButton-SmartThings Integration

Also featured in Digitaltreds article